Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Install Playstation2 Hardisk

How to install game playstation2 on Hardisk?
So if you have internal HD for PC (such Maxtor) can you install it to your PS2 , Ok I gives you step by step .
I have few remarks I wish to share. Even if WinHIIP "modifies" gamelist.log, it does not alters the length of the file. That means, that even the real data is located where it should be, noone will ever look for it there, since it is behind end-of-file, or worse - data will not be there (since one or more games have been deleted), because file size is longer that is should be.Here is how to verify this:
  • get a PS2 HDD with no games installed;-
  • install two games using WinHIIP;-
  • connect HDD to PS2 and copy gamelist.log file to the PC (my method: copy to mc with ps2menu & use ps2link); file size is 32 bytes and game names are not there;-
  • start HD Loader, restart the console and copy the file again;-
  • now gamelist.log file is 432 bytes long and names of the games are there (that looks like 32 bytes header + 200 bytes per game);-
  • install two more games from the PC using WinHIIP;-
  • gamelist.log is not changing its size nor the new games are there; they will be, if you run HD Loader first.So what is the conclusion? Even the chosen path looks right it is not. And the goal achieved is incompatibility with other Windowz installers, but does it really worth it?

Well as far as I am aware no other Windowz installer modifes the gamelist at all, and most of them are just GUI's for a CLI program. So is my app incompatible with them or are they incompatible with me?I hadn't bothered with the Gamelist file length as HDL doesn't seem to mind, but I can fix it quite easily. Any other holes you would like to pick while you are at it?

Winhip digunakan untuk memasukan game pada playstation2 yang telah menggunakan Harddisk,
pengisian file game dilakukan melalui komputer.
cara yang mudah untuk menghubungkan hardisk playstation2 pada komputer tanpa merubah jamper, ialah dengan menghubungkan kabel data yang biasa anda gunakan untuk cdroom.
jalankan Winhip ,lalu tinggal memasukan game...selamat mencoba!!!

  • Dalam file download ini disertakan File berisi :
  1. Software Winhiip.
  2. Cara penggunaan ( bahasa indonesia)
  3. cara mengisi game ke hardisk PS2
  4. cara Meng-copy dari HD PS2 Ke HD PS2
  5. cara menyimpan master game dari HD PS2 ke HD Komputer
  6. Cara Memperbaiki yang mudah HD PS2 yang Error/terformat

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